pity is akin to love

pity is akin to love

1601 SHAKESPEARE Twelfth Night III. i. 119 I pity you.—That’s a degree to love.

1696 T. SOUTHERNE Oroonoko II. i. Do, pity me: Pity’s a-kin to Love.

a 1895 F. LOCKER-LAMPSON My Confidences (1896) 95 They say that Pity is akin to Love, though only a Poor Relation; but Amy did not even pity me.

1942 ‘C. KINGSTON’ Murder Tunes In (1943) iii. 44 ‘It may not be love—it may be only pity.’ ‘You’re wrong,’ said Mrs. Armitage with the cheerfulness of one discussing something exceedingly pleasurable. ‘It’s not the pity that is akin to love—it’s love itself.’

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